Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A probability based method for predicting protein beta-sheets using integer programming    M.Sc.    eghdami, mahdie    2014-07-06
2    Optimal coverage path planning for agricultural field machines    M.Sc.    goudarzi, rahman    2014-11-11
3    Determining Beta-Sheets Topology in homologous proteins by Constructing Structural Consensus    Ph.D    dehghani, toktam    2014-12-25
4    Protein β-Sheets Structure Prediction Using Improved β-Strands Alignment and Effective Dynamic Programming    Ph.D    Sabzekar, Mostafa    2014-12-25
5    Dynamic pricing model based on two-sided auction on cloud computing    M.Sc.    shakiba, hussein    2015-01-31
6    An community detection algorithm based on maximal cliques in social networks    M.Sc.    sarrafzadeh, ehsan    2015-01-31
7    Qos Routing in Smart Grid with SDN Infrastructure    Ph.D    Rezaee, Mohammad    2015-09-07
8    Reducing cost of resources by reallocation of unused reserved resources via cloud brokerage    M.Sc.    zanganeh, mahdi    2015-09-20
9    Multi-criteria workflow scheduling on cloud using iterative critical path    Ph.D    khojasteh, ghazaleh    2015-10-31
10    Realistic Computer Image Rendering by Tracing Generalized Rays    M.Sc.    Ahmadi Akbari, Mohammad    2016-03-08
11    Flexible, Memory-efficient signature-based intrusion detection system    M.Sc.    Pourrahman, Yaghoub    2016-09-17
12    shortest path problem with polygonal barriers and rotation angle and minimum distance restrictions between two consecutive rotations    M.Sc.    ranjbar divkoti, mohammad reza    2017-01-01
13    On the spanning ratio of Yao graphs    M.Sc.    Hsaini, MARYAM    2017-09-04
14    Designing a recommendation system in social networks using link prediction and classification techniques to suggest a friend    M.Sc.    Al-Khazaali, Ahmed Ali Talib    2017-09-19
15    Accelerating Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm in heterogeneous platform(CPU-GPU)    M.Sc.    salavatizadeh, mohadeseh    2017-09-20
16    Energy efficient clustering using PSO in sensor networks    M.Sc.    alhamadani, firas riyadh murad    2017-10-31
17    Finding optimal graph for distributing parcels across the country    M.Sc.    Adli, Milad    2018-02-25
18    Genetic algorithm to solve university course timetabling problem    M.Sc.    ALJUMAILI, EKHLAS GHALEB ABDULKADHIM    2018-05-06
19    A parallel Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Smith-Waterman Algorithm By Multi-Core Processores    M.Sc.    AL HAKEEM, MAHDI AHMED ALI    2018-06-18
20    A new algorithm to improve accuracy for influence maximization problem    M.Sc.    Adineh, Maryam    2018-07-16